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Tersedianya beragam Cerutu dan perlengkapan lainnya, baik model simple hingga yang teranyar ada di rumahbrand. Tentunya dengan kualitas dan harga terjamin. Yuk di check!

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Tersedianya beragam Cerutu dan...

Function: Cerutu.

Module: Mac Baren (7 Seas Royal Blend).

Berat: 60 gr.

The 7 Seas tobaccos are all part of the Mac Baren line of American style aromatics. All tobaccos in this line are predominately made out of Virginia tobaccos where the most of the American made tobaccos have a base of Burley.

Using the Virginia as the major player in our blends does make the taste more clear and crisp, and you avoid any unpleasant aftertaste. Enjoy the beautiful colour match of Golden Virginias, light brown Burleys and just a touch of Black Cavendish.

Its easy to fill into your pipe and upon lighting up you will be met by a gentle sweetness, a base of vanilla and notes of mild and sweet honey along with a faint fruit overtone.

An aromatic blend of black and golden tobaccos. A soft and exceptionally mellow smoke. Delightful, aromatic taste. A true pleasure journey.

Brand Mac Baren
Blended By Mac Baren
Manufactured By Mac Baren
Blend Type Aromatic
Contents Black Cavendish, Burley, Virginia
Flavoring Other / Misc
Cut Ribbon
Country DK

WHATSAPP/ SMS: 0838.7834.9956.
BB: d9738f6e.
Line rb2800.

Berat60 gr


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